SUNY Oswego’s mini-Zamboni will soon move from the ice to the field

OSWEGO, N.Y. — At SUNY Oswego men’s hockey games, a tiny Zamboni and his driver, a doll known as Tiny Tim, are the closest thing to the team has to a mascot. Now, a new project aims to expand Tiny Tim’s role, taking the doll and his mini-Zamboni off the ice and onto the field.

Team Mini built the robot that transports Tiny Tim around the ice on game days.  The Student Association sponsors and funds the organization. They throw t-shirts out with the cannon on the mini-Zamboni after the second period of each men’s hockey game.

The club wanted to do another project, and the first robot is getting old, Club President Jacob Alexander said.

The new robot will include better mechanics and an eight cylinder holder t-shirt cannon. It will be able to go on the court and on the field for basketball and baseball games.

Team Mini started 12 years ago with no budget and no parts. It is unique to the school.

Once in awhile, we get a few of the engineering colleges that come and play hockey, and behind the scenes, they want to see underneath the hood of Mini, because they’re fascinated by all the mechanics too,” says Club Advisor Daniel Tyron.

The new robot is expected to be done in two years.