Award-winning producer Rita Coburn visits SUNY Oswego for the Voices of Diversity event

OSWEGO, N.Y. — On April 17, film director, Rita Coburn, visited SUNY Oswego as part of the Communication Studies Department’s Voices of Diversity event. She discussed her documentary “Maya Angelou: Still I Rise,” the need for inclusivity in the media industry, and why diversity is important.

“We have so many points of view and until we have many of those points of view out in the media and out in the communications world, we have a skewed picture of who we are as a people,” Coburn said.

Coburn was joined by SUNY Oswego assistant professor, Francisco Suarez. Suarez organized the Diversity in the Arts documentary project, which coincided with the Voices of Diversity series.

“This is not about trying to change your point of view, but even if you have a point of view that is different than mine, we need to some point find a way to communicate. If we lose that as a society, I think we lose everything,” Suarez said.

If you’d like to view “Maya Angelou: Still I Rise”, it is now available on Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services.