SUNY Oswego students film video to bring Al Roker home

Oswego, NY —  NBC’s Al Roker sent out a challenge to college campuses across America and SUNY Oswego is responding.

Roker wants colleges to send him a short video showing their school spirit for his third “Roker-thon.” The school with the most spirit will be getting a visit from Roker, to help break the world record for the longest conga line. The current record is held at 353 people.

The video is going to use a drone camera to feature SUNY Oswego President Stanley telling Roker to come home and students doing the conga, Oswego Student Coordinator Justin Dowbrow said.

SUNY Oswego’s Ice Effects team, cheerleading squad and students are filming their video submission, today, Friday Feb. 17. The video is going to be filmed all on ice in the Marano Campus Center. The students hope to bring SUNY Oswego alum, Roker, back to the campus.

SUNY Oswego student, Emily Shaben, said having Roker back on campus “would mean a lot and would be so exciting.”

Entry videos are due next Friday, Feb. 24.