SUNY Oswego student author, poet publishes first poetry book

OSWEGO, N.Y — This year’s Black History Month has seen many creative works from the Oswego community, including a book of poems published recently by student Horane Daley. 

The poetry book, titled To the Clothesline,” is Daley’s first ever published piece. 

“A word that I would say when you publish a book — publish anything is empowering,” Daley said. “On this campus now, since I am a poet, I get to speak around the campus. Therefore, a lot of people get to know me and they get to hear my words.”

The poetry book consists of 117 different poems that explore ideas like finding peace, self-worth, masculinity and love, among many others.

Daley signs copies of his books for readers at Marano Campus Center at SUNY Oswego. Photo by: Briana Boateng

The book’s title also holds special meaning for its author.

“The title of this book was made from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ which was one of my favorite books growing up. I really like the title and how it just rolls off the tongue,” Daley said.

One poem from the book, “When the Blue Sky Cracks,” stuck out as essentially poignant to Daley.

“’When The Blue Sky Cracksis a poem about finding happiness,” Daley said. “It’s probably the poem that I wrote that was the last time I ever truly felt peace.”

For more information on the poet and upcoming releases, visit his website at

“To the Clothesline” is also available for purchase on Amazon.