ARTSwego back to hosting maskless events

The ARTSwego program, best known for introducing students to unique art forms and performances, is back to hosting in-person events after two long years.

“We’re pretty much back to business as usual. We are really grateful and excited to have performers back on campus. We had a really great turnout for our first performance back in the fall,” said Lowell Hutchenson, the arts program director.

Like most clubs on campus, ARTSwego experienced hardships during the pandemic. Hutchenson is excited that the indoor spectator policy was removed.

“We were in new territory. How do we run a performance art program and we can’t be in the theater? What does that look like?” Hutchenson said.

During the pandemic, ARTSwego presented virtual performances to attempt to keep students entertained and engaged with the latest talent.

The highly colorful African circus group, Cirque Kalabanté, led by Yamoussa Bangoura, is expected to be the most successful event since restrictions were lifted. Audiences can expect acrobats and musicians from Cirque Kalabanté performing their authentic choreography to the frantic rhythms of djembes and other native instruments of Guinea.

The event has been sold out for weeks, Hutchenson said. Cirque Kalabanté will be performing at Waterman Theater in Tyler Hall on March 25.