SUNY Oswego art student featured in Albany exhibition

OSWEGO, N.Y. — The school year may just be starting, but for one SUNY Oswego senior the celebration has already begun. Caryn Nabrinzy is an art major whose work is being featured in SUNY’s Bloom in Pride exhibition in Albany. 

Nabrinzy grew up in a small town on Long Island. She has an interest in art, but attended a Catholic school where her opportunities for growth were lacking. 

“Our art program was just not anything close to what a public school art program is. So I never really had any kind of attention on me, people kind of just pushed me off because they were like oh art is not really big in this school so what does it matter” Nabrinzy said. 

Like many students, Nabrinzy was able to dive deeper into her passions at college. She takes all of her classes seriously, because she knows that she wants to make a living out of her art. 

Nabrinzy began to enter her work into art shows but was disheartened when she faced what seemed like a major setback. She had entered her work into Amtracks exhibitions and she was not accepted. She spoke with her art professor, who told her to keep persevering. 

Nabrinzy decided to send her work into the SUNY Bloom in Pride exhibition. The entry prompt said that the artists simply had to create something inspired by LGBTQ+ pride. It was at that moment that Nabrinzy thought of her girlfriend. 

“We had just gotten together like a year ago or two years ago almost and I was like okay well I have never drawn artwork for her so I was like this is time to pay respect to her because she is a lot of my motivation, she inspires me, she gives me a lot of critique on my work too” Nabrinzy said. 

The piece represents the first date Nabrinzy had with her girlfriend. The furthest blue ring in the artwork represents when Nabrinzy was coming to facts with herself that she was a lesbian and a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. The red rings represent the point in her life when Nabrinzy had to hide herself and be more reserved, and the blue ring in the front is how she sees herself presently: Free to be herself and loving her girlfriend. There is a silhouette representing Nabrinzy and her girlfriend but Nabrinzy also wanted those who are afraid to be themselves to be able to put themselves where her and her girlfriend are and feel the love and safety in the piece. Her girlfriend fell in love with the piece the minute she saw it. 

“I showed her the picture, the post and everything and she was like ‘Oh my god this is beautiful!!’ She wanted it printed and everything. I told her it was actually gonna be in an exhibition and she was like oh well then when that poster comes back I want it hanging in our room, I want it right in the center!” explained Nabrinzy. 

Nabrinzy’s piece will be displayed at the first floor gallery of the H.Carl McCall SUNY building in Albany until November. Her work is a heartfelt example of how those who love you, make your life a little bit brighter.