Two-Sport Athlete Exceeds Expectations

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Not many people get to say they are a college athlete. Even fewer get to say that they are a two-sport athlete. Oswego State’s Ashley Lyman is part of that elite group.

According to NCAA statistics, only 13.5% of high school women’s ice hockey players make it to the Division III level. Even more rare are softball players that compete at the Division III level, with only two percent of these athletes competing at this level. Lyman not only competes in both of these athletics at SUNY Oswego, but is a star on both teams.

“I think it is pretty rare to find those kind of individuals,” said Head Coach Diane Dillon of the Women’s Ice Hockey team at SUNY Oswego. “We’re fortunate that Ashley chose Oswego State, and to have the talents to play both I think is incredible, but to have the commitment, the drive, and the fortitude to play two sports I think is very impressive.”

Lyman has a batting average above .330 on the Women’s Softball team at SUNY Oswego and also is now assistant captain of the Women’s Ice Hockey team.

“It means a lot, you put in all that effort every week, two hours a day to see the success that you have become is just awesome,” Lyman said.

Embracing every challenge she faces, Lyman stays on top of her school work while also putting much of her time into softball and ice hockey. With only two games remaining during the regular season of softball, Lyman plans to prepare for the winter season during this summer as she takes on the assistant captain role for women’s ice hockey.