SUNY Oswego student runs ‘One NY Virtual Challenge’

OSWEGO, N.Y.– For SUNY Oswego athlete Nathan Couse, many road races and meets have been canceled causing him and many other runners to run the One NY Virtual Challenge. 

Due to the pandemic and recent social distancing policies, many athletes have had to find alternative ways to work out. 

“After my spring track season was canceled due to the pandemic, many of the races I would normally run over the summer were canceled like the Boilermaker in Utica and the Mountain Goat in Syracuse,” Couse said.  “So, I decided to join this challenge to motivate me and give me something to work towards.”

The One NY Virtual Challenge involved running from one side of New York to the other virtually. The challenge started on May 15 and ended on August 31.

Runners were able to follow a designated course that the race makers provided along with tracking their mileages on the race’s website.

“I was able to log my miles on their website and compare myself to my competitors to see where I was in the race,” Couse said, adding that it motivated him to push harder.

In order to enter the race, every runner had to pay $60. This money was donated directly to COVID relief. 

Despite the challenges Couse has faced during this pandemic, with hard work and innovation, he was able to stay in shape and reach a new goal.

“This challenge not only motivated me to run every day but it also motivated me to better myself and help others,” Couse said.