News producer, Oswego State grad adapts to working during pandemic

OSWEGO, N.Y.– A SUNY Oswego alumna was living her dream. Then, the pandemic hit. Chelsea Garbe, like many recent college graduates, was just settling into her first job when COVID threw out the rule book. 

Garbe landed a job as a television news producer in South Bend, IN shortly after her December 2019 graduation. At first, Garbe worried the pandemic would upend her transition from student to professional. It didn’t.   

“Not much has changed for me for my position because I’m so new. So, I guess the only thing that has changed is we used to have guests in studio on Saturdays,” Garbe said. 

Most producers at  Chelsea’s station in South Bend  have been working from home during the pandemic, but Garbe has been at the studio every shift.. 

“There’s a lot less people in the newsroom, because we pretty much cut down who could work from home successfully,” Garbe said.

Adapting to a new job during this pandemic has not been the easiest transition, according to Garbe, but every day she learned more and became more comfortable.  

“Being nine months into the job I can confidently come in and get my shows produced,” Garbe said. 

She always knew she wanted to be a producer and her dream turned into a reality shortly after graduation. 

 “I started producing at WTOP when I first transferred to Oswego and then I realized I really loved it. For my first job out of college, I am really lucky and love the people I work with,” Garbe said. 

This pandemic has not dampered Garbe’s spirits and she says she can still enjoy her job and this new chapter in her life. 

Garbe’s transition into this pandemic was a unique process, and she says she cannot be more thankful for the opportunities she has had as a producer.