Laker fans kick off the hockey season 

OSWEGO, N.Y. — The SUNY Oswego men’s hockey team is back on the ice for pre-season play before their regular season officially starts.

“Today is just for them to get back in the hockey groove,” a fan said.

This game has the fans coming out of their homes to see the pre-season game. They are dressed up in the laker colors to show their support.

“It’s a great hockey day because the pucks are being dropped,” President of the Blueline Club Rick Pratt said.

The Laker fans are excited they can be back to watch their favorite team play.  Pratt couldn’t wait to sit down in the chairs and watch the game.

“I love seeing the games, its excitement, its enthusiasm, there so much to be at a hockey game you just don’t understand,”  Pratt said.

Everyone that comes to watch the Lakers are filled with energy wanting the Lakers to win. 

You’re just pumped and you are excited and want them to do well, you just hope that they win and Oswego has been a great team,” a fan said. 

Many say they are happy for the hockey season to start. 

“I’m excited that hockey season is starting again,” the coach’s daughter Sarah Gosek said.

These Laker fans are dedicated to seeing their favorite team play this season. Some have been coming to these games for a long time.

The Lakers’ coach’s sister-in-law is dedicated to coming to all the Laker games and says she’s traveled with the lakers. 

“Maybe at least 25 years,” Ed Gosek’s sister-in-law said.

Many other fans have been watching them for a while. 

“I’ve been coming here ever since I was a little kid,” a SUNY Oswego student said.

Fans say coming to these games is a great community thing to do. 

“You get with people before you talk in between periods, go out after to get drinks and complain about the game,” a fan said.

The Lakers aren’t just a team for these fans, they mean so much more. 

“Without knowing any of the players or anything they are part of your family they are part of what you look forward to when winter comes,” a fan said.

Fans have a high expectation for the upcoming season and want to see their team win.  

“When you’re a fan for as long, you just expect them to go to the playoffs,” a fan said.