Things To Do in Oswego

Looking for things to do in Oswego? Don’t fret, we’ve got your back! Oswego’s got something for everyone, whether you’re a fun-loving college student or a seasoned local. Oswego offers a variety of things to do around town that can fit interests of any kind. As a college student and new in town, it can be difficult to find places to go and do stuff. Luckily, I have some places around Oswego that you might be interested in!

When I first arrived in Oswego, I was unfamiliar with the area and unsure of where to go or what to do. I found that the best way to explore was to take a drive through town and explore random streets. Additionally, I received helpful recommendations from friends and other locals.

I am so thankful to have found these places because they keep me entertained on days when I’m bored and also are great places to bring friends to. As a student of SUNY Oswego, I recommend going out in town and just checking out places. You might just end up finding your favorite store!

The Mix

Do you enjoy a sweet drink? Check out The Mix located right on  West Bridge Street just off of 104. The Mix offers many different options of drinks as well as treats. With the many options available it’s difficult not to find something you’ll like. Along with the drinks being totally fun, the interior of the shop is just as beautiful. I recently just tried the drink, “Mermaid Water” and it was as delicious as it looked. The Mix is a great place to stop by if you need a refreshing drink or just wanna have some fun chilling with your friends!

Drink from The Mix


Happen to have a sweet tooth and are open to trying new things? Snax is the perfect place for you! With a variety of snacks such as ketchup-flavored Lay’s to freeze-dried sour skittles, Snax has a lot to offer! Snax is fairly new to Oswego but within the first month of opening, they’ve had a lot of success! I discovered this place when I was just driving around looking for things to do. I was amazed at the amount of different snacks of all kinds of flavors. I was also fortunate enough to meet the owner of the store who was very kind and did an amazing job with the layout of the store. 

Inside of the store Snax showing all of the snacks on the wall

Oswego Theater

Going to the movies has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Luckily, Oswego has an amazing theater that offers top-notch snacks and the latest films. What sets this theater apart is its older charm, particularly upstairs and in the bathrooms. It’s a unique experience to see what movie theaters looked like in the past while enjoying the modern amenities of today. Visiting the Oswego movie theater is a must-do activity, perfect for a fun outing with family and friends. They always show the latest and greatest films, so you’re in for a treat!

The Man in The Moon Candies

The Man in The Moon Candies has a great atmosphere as well. The store is decorated in bright colors and whimsical designs, making it a fun place to explore. They also have a friendly staff who are always willing to help you find what you are looking for. In addition to their chocolate and candy selection, they also offer an ice cream station as well. Overall, The Man in The Moon Candies is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth and find unique treats for yourself and your friends.

Outside of Man in the Moon Candies store

Student Favorites:

“My favorite place in Oswego                                

 is Walmart because it has everything   

I need for a reasonable price”

-Bryan Rodriguez (Oswego ‘26)

Oswego Sunset on Campus

 “My favorite place in Oswego    

is down by the lake! Only being  

an hour away from school it       

helps to know that on a nice

clear day my parents can see the

smokestacks and I know they

are looking back at me.”

-Julianna Giudici (Oswego ‘25)

“My favorite place is Pies Guys, I love it 

because their honey BBQ wings are                        

  so good! My second favorite place   

is the Oswego Speedway! I love it

 here because my family comes

together and has a great time

and that makes me happy!”

  -Kenzie Tidd (Oswego ‘24)

Picture of "The Mix" sign