SUNY Oswego’s Hewitt Hall project falling behind schedule after issues with construction

Oswego, N.Y. — SUNY Oswego’s Hewitt Hall renovation has faced problems with construction, leading to the project running behind schedule. 

The soon to be home of SUNY Oswego’s Communications Studies Department started construction for the renovation over a year ago and the wait for the project’s completion will be even longer than expected. 

The construction has made significant changes since we last covered it in September. However, the construction has faced more setbacks than advancements. 

“The contractor is struggling in both cases to find manpower to finish the jobs and to find materials… it’s just the current sort of economic construct we’re in,” said the Associate Vice President of Facilities at SUNY Oswego, Mitch Fields. 

The first phase of the project was projected to be completed already. Due to the setbacks, the completion of phase 1 will not be for several months, according to Fields. 

“I expect somewhere around mid april the phase 1 contractor will exit the site and have done all their work and phase 2 will have gone through all the paperwork and the pre-work that it will need to get onto the site,” said fields. 

The construction delay has brought with it frustration from students. Especially those who will graduate before the completion of the renovation.

“I guess it is kind of sad that I won’t get to see the actual finished product when it’s done since I’m graduating next semester,” said Molly Ellison, a Senior at SUNY Oswego.

Information on when we can expect the completion of the project was not given by Fields. However, it sounds like we will be waiting some time to see the completed building.