SUNY Oswego students explore career fair amidst labor shortage

SUNY Oswego students speak with employers in various fields. Photo by: Meghan Gonyo

Oswego, N.Y. – – Many students expect college to be a stepping stone into future career paths. What many college seniors did not anticipate when they stepped onto college campuses four years ago was a pandemic that would change the labor market.  

Today, more people have the option to work from home. The pandemic also led thousands of workers to leave the labor market altogether due to a combination of factors, including retiring baby boomers, difficulties finding childcare, and a reimagining of work-life balance that led to the Great Resignation.   The result? A widespread labor shortage has proven to have long-term effects on the job market.

With the demand for qualified workers high in several industries, many candidates feel they have an opportunity to shine at SUNY Oswego’s annual job fair. 

“I push myself to be outgoing, I’m gonna ask you questions even if you might want me to shut up, I’m gonna talk! I’m going to figure out what I want,” said Kaylee Knapp, a junior at the university who is ready to get her foot in the door and stand out to employers.

The needs of people are evolving, and pay is a big motivator for many. However, when too low, job candidates can become discouraged. 

“Journalism is still a great career, it’s an important career. The pay is not kept up with at times, and that’s a big driving factor for people not coming in,” said the News Director of WTEN-TV in Albany, Ryan Mott.

“I’ve had producers that have come in and worked for me for a year, two years. They’ve gone to Boston, DC, LA, and ABC. So, really if you come in with a good attitude and know how to work, we’ll teach you and get you to where you want to go,” Mott said. 

Whether you are a soon-to-be graduate looking for a job, or a student trying to get experience, the search for new talent is underway, and it could be you. 

“We deal with hopes and dreams. So our hope is that you take some time, take a step back, and think about what’s most important to you,” SUNY Oswego Career Coach Jackie Wallace said. 

For students looking to work on their resumes and cover letters, the Resource Center is open to all students from 1-4 from Monday to Friday in Marano Campus Center 145A. It is on a drop-in basis, so no appointment is necessary.