SUNY Oswego music professor creates viral music composition

OSWEGO, N.Y. — A music professor at SUNY Oswego spends his time creating electronic music, and one of his compositions has reached an incredible milestone.

Professor Paul Leary has worked on the CCP Games Empires of Eve project which has received over 300,000 views on YouTube. The CCP Games is a computer game that has a narrated story about a battle in Eve Online.

“I filmed everything in the game and made the movie and wrote the music,” Paul Leary said. “I’m mostly inspired to compose music by music I hear that I really love.”

Professor Leary is enthusiastic about how new music is being made in the world today, even his students feel the same way.

“The stuff that he showed was really cool. One thing when I just got here, he’s telling us that he makes different machines and he showed us different videos,” said Jabari Williams, an Oswego student.

Professor Leary also composed the Mordus Angels project as it was one of his first projects that he made with motion graphics.

As the COVID-19 pandemic put normal activities including live concerts into a year-long halt, many music creators had ideas of making music at home.

“It gave a lot of artists the opportunity to try new things or to like take a breath and do something different,” Professor Leary said.