SUNY Oswego Lacking In Emergency Blue Light Safety Phones


SUNY Oswego maintains a safe campus for its students, however many have noticed the absence of a popular safety system.The blue light safety boxes were installed on college campuses across the country in the 1980’s. As technology advanced, SUNY Oswego began to shift away from the blue light system and started using a mobile security system. However, the move away from blue lights has caused concern from Oswego students.

“I think they’re definitely necessary for the campus,” says Oswego freshman Noah Pacci.

Just down the thruway, the campus of St. John Fisher lights up at night with their blue light system. Students at this campus have an increased sense of security, knowing a blue light is there if they need it.

Emergency Phones

“It’s great to know that wherever your standing you can see a blue light system we can see 4 from right here so its great to know that if you do need it its there,” says St. John Fisher student Paige Willson.

According to Oswego University Police’s annual crime report, crime rates at SUNY Oswego have increased 4.5% from the 2011 to the 2012 school year. This has created a renewed curiosity as to why the school does not have the blue light system.  University Police say that using the mobile security system, called Rave Guardian, is more beneficial because in this day and age students don’t walk around without their cell phones.

“I think the cell phone system might be faster then having to look for a blue light, but I also think having both would be better,” says Oswego freshman Noah Pacci.

Gabby Santos, a commuter at SUNY Oswego, says the one place that there definitely needs to be blue lights is out in commuter parking lots.

This map shows the location of the four emergency phones on Oswego’s campus. Only one is located near a commuter lot.

“I would definitely put them in commuter lots cause they’re so far from campus and I’m terrified walking to my car at night,” says SUNY Oswego student Gabby Santos.

University Police plans to stick to using cell phones for security. However there is a proposal to replace Rave Guardian with the system used at RIT called Campus Safe.