Student DoorDash driver balances school, work with Oswego winters

OSWEGO, N.Y.– It has been a week of changing weather conditions, and when snow makes an appearance, it’s no surprise more people turn to apps like DoorDash or Grub-Hub to order food right to their front door. 

DoorDash driver Ben Grieco said that drivers are offered up to six extra dollars an hour on days when the weather and the roads are bad. Food delivery services also provide flexible job opportunities for students, Greico said. He’s able to work when it fits into his busy academic schedule.

“It’s not the rigid schedule that I need or that most nine to five jobs would have,” Grieco said. “I can go out for a couple of hours then come back. The other thing is based off where my off-campus house is. I just sit at home. I don’t need to sit in my car in Oswego. I’m close enough to everything where I can just drive and get it.”

According to DoorDash, 90 percent of millenials order delivery at least once a week with 63 percent more likely to order delivery than going out to eat. Furthermore, college students make up the largest share of all DoorDash orders between two and four in the morning. 

According to their website, DoorDash drivers can make up to twenty five dollars an hour with a guaranteed minimum of ten dollars an hour.