STEM Creates New Opportunity For Oswego Students

The State Universities of New York’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program, also know as STEM,was implemented in efforts to get more students into the fields of science and innovation.
STEM has created a number of different programs at SUNY Oswego as well as a new, state of the art science building that is set to open in the Fall of 2013. After the largest philanthropic gift in SUNY Oswego history from the Shineman Foundation, the building now has a name, The Shineman Center of Science, Engineering, and Innovation. Named after former Oswego Professor Richard S. Shineman, the new center will create many opportunities for Oswego Students, and attract incoming students interested in the science and innovation majors. OswegoNext Took at look at the new building, and some of the programs the STEM initiative has created at SUNY Oswego.


Contributions from Jordan Lomaestro and Trevor Payant