Oswego’s Bridge Street Run helps boost local economy

OSWEGO, NY — With the end of the spring semester at SUNY Oswego fast approaching, so is the annual Bridge Street Run.

Bridge Street Run is a pub crawl SUNY Oswego students participate in as an end of the year celebration.

Bridge Street Run draws in business from not only students, but others who travel to participate in the event. The streets flood with people who purchase items from local stores, drink at the different bars, eat at the restaurants, and stay in hotel rooms. The influx of business helps boost the local economy and bring in revenue for local business owners.

The event also requires more security for the city, which also gives more police officers work. Although large events may have their challenges for law enforcement, Oswego City Police Department Lieutenant Zachary Misztal says the city embraces the added foot traffic to the streets and the business that comes with it.

“We want people to come to the city,” he said. “We want influxes of people to come here and spend their money and enjoy what the city has to offer. We just want people to it respectfully and responsibly.”