Oswego Music Hall embraces the community

OSWEGO, N.Y. –– While most people were on their way home from work, the Oswego Music Hall Board of Directors met to discuss plans for future events.

The Music Hall has been around for over 40 years, providing people with an opportunity to perform at open mic nights and watch touring acts come to entertain the audiences.

Later that night, they hosted folk singer Vance Gilbert for one of the National Stage concerts in their spring season.

What impressed Gilbert the most about the overall environment was the sense of community that the Music Hall embodies.

“I think they want to be part of putting on a great show,” Gilbert said. “I think there’s a sense of art slash organization in making a setting that people can walk away and say, I had a hand in that.”

Before and after each performance, volunteers must set up and tear down the seating, tabling, and any equipment.

Since the Music Hall hosts events at the Roy C. McCrobie Civic Center, they do not own the building and must follow this process.

This further puts into perspective the amount of effort that goes into providing the community with an evening of fun.

Without these volunteers, Oswego may not have a fitting venue to enjoy the different kinds of music the national acts offer. Luckily, that circumstance is far from reality.