Oswego High School Lacrosse honors the Garrett Dunsmoor Memorial Foundation

During the summer of 2018, Oswego lost an important member of the community. Garrett Dunsmoor, an Oswego High School graduate, unexpectedly lost his life at the age of 22. In honor of his memory, his family started the Garrett Dunsmoor Memorial Foundation.

Friends say Garrett loved almost all things in his life, but lacrosse was one of his favorites. That’s why in a recent game against Cortland, Oswego’s J.V. and varsity boys’ lacrosse teams hosted a fundraising event to help support the foundation. A longtime family friend of the Dunsmoor’s, Amy Warner, says the focus of the foundation is about helping Oswego’s youth.

“The Garrett Dunsmoor Memorial Foundation is to help youth in the Oswego area and Garrett would be so excited about that because it really is what he stood for,” Warner said.

The need for helping youth wasn’t lost on Garrett. During the summer months, he would coach kids from the area in lacrosse. Nate DeVinny is on Oswego’s J.V. team and was coached by Garrett. Along with the influence of being coached, DeVinny is friends with Garrett’s younger brother. DeVinny said the blowout win over Cortland felt even better.

“It’s awesome, you know, it’s for him! We got it on our helmets, GD on our helmets, GD on the field. It’s something that motivates us and we know he’s proud of us,” DeVinny said.

DeVinny says Garrett’s strong work ethic and drive is a motivating factor for the team.

“He was such a hard worker, and that is what motivates us I think the most. He never gave up, he was always hustler and that’s what motivates us to play as hard as we do,” DeVinny.

Warner says coming together as a community after tragedy is the right thing to do.

“When something tragic like this happens and we come together as a community to do amazing things and to support people we love, I just think there’s so much power in that,” Warner.