Oswego County hosts Regional Awareness Program for young drivers

Director of alternative programs at the Oswego County Boces, Ronald Camp speaking to children and parents on the dangers of driving while impaired by drugs and alcohol on Wednesday, March 30th.
Director of alternative programs at the Oswego County BOCES, Ronald Camp speaking at the regional awareness program on Wednesday, March 30th . Photo by: Joseph Toomey

Oswego– The Center for instruction, technology, and innovation hosted its 12th annual regional awareness program on Wednesday, March 30th to educate young drivers on the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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As graduation, prom and the warmer weather of summer approaches, the amount of alcohol that young people consume rises and so does the concern of driving under the influence.

The regional awareness program has been held for the past 12 years to educate young drivers and their families about the dangers of getting behind the wheel while impaired by drugs and alcohol.

Ronald Camp, director of alternative programs at the Oswego County BOCES says that he hopes the program will make a difference for both parents and their children.

“We actually encourage parents to come here tonight with their son or daughter, because what it does is it opens up lines of communication so that kids can talk to their parents and parents feel comfortable talking to their kids,” Camp said.

Several local agencies such as the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department, Oswego County District Attorney’s Office, Oswego City Police Department, Oswego County STOP DWI program and CiTi’s Driver Education Program attend with presentations and hands on demonstrations for the public to get an understanding at just how serious drunk driving is.

Students who attended the program had the opportunity to take part in activities that put them in the perspective of a driver who has been impaired by alcohol. They drove carts around a course to simulate what it would be like to drive drunk.

Although, to some the activities may seem fun, they are very serious as drunk driving affects many people all over New York State and the country as a whole.

Tracy Reynolds is a mother who gave a presentation to raise awareness about driving under the influence. Tracy’s daughter was killed in an accident involving a drunk driver in 2008. She said that it is important for people to have a plan when they’re going to be drinking.

“Know how you’re going to get home. Know how you’re going to enjoy yourself. You always have the details to enjoy yourself but never a safe way to get home,” Reynolds said.