Oswego Club Flag Football


At Suny Oswego there is not a traditional tackle football team, which is why Club Flag Football is so popular. The flag football club started practice on September 4th and over 40 people showed up to the first practice.

Club flag football team getting ready for their first practice of the season
Here you can see the first practice of the season.

Basic Rules 

Flag football is played 7 on 7 and is considered a non-contact game. The rules are the same as regular football in the way that the offense gets 4 downs to pick up a first down, with the ultimate goal of getting into the endzone. The field is only 80 yards long and you can get a first down every 20 yards. When you score a touchdown there is no kicking extra points. You will have the option to go for 1 (1 play at the 2-yard line) go for 2 (1 play at the 10-yard line) or go for 3 (1 play at the 20-yard line). The other team will then take over at the X which is located at the 15-yard line. The teams can line up in whatever formation they want as long as they have a center and a Quarterback. Typically, teams will have at least one other lineman and a running back, and the defense will have 2 pass rushers. The lineman have to try to “block” the rushers without using their hands or else they can be penalized. The game is played in two 20-minute halves with the clock only stopping during the last 2 minutes of each half when a team gets a first down, gets out of bounds, or throws an incompletion. Each team also gets 2 timeouts each half that they can use whenever they want. 


There are two different leagues that the football team plays in. The players that show up to practice on Mondays and Tuesdays are split into two teams by the president Dylan Zielinski. The two teams are then created and registered into the intramural league. The intramural league is composed of teams created by students at the school. 


Playoff play for the intramural leaguenwill take place starting Thursday, October 19th.

Bracket of Intramural league playoffs
This is the playoff bracket for the Intramural league.

NIRSA Tournament

The two teams that the club teams create will also be competing in the NIRSA tournament at the University of Maryland on November 11th-13th. The winner of this tournament will play in the national tournament at Oklahoma State University on December 18-20. In preparation for the tournament, both teams 1 and 2 went to RIT to scrimmage against their two-flag football teams.

Video link

Here is a clip of the scrimmage Oswego played against RIT.