Oswego animal shelter overflowing after rescue


Oswego, NY —  The Humane Society of Oswego County is scrambling this week to find adoptive families for senior cats that were rescued over a two week period from a collapsing home in Boylston.

The elderly couple was evacuated from their home by social services but left behind 16 cats ranging in age from 5 months to 13 years old.

The Humane Society was notified of the cats living there alone after the mail carrier for the neighborhood called.

Once inside the home, it took almost two weeks to rescue the cats from the home because the cats started hiding after their owners left Director Joanne Piersma said. The Humane Society partnered with other area shelters to rescue and house the cats until they are adopted.

But unfortunately, space is limited. The Humane Society’s cat room isn’t equipped for the ten cats they are caring for. The space they have usually houses one or two cats at a time, but given the current situation, they are trying to make it work.

This is the room all ten adult cats are living in.

Space isn’t the only problem that the society is facing. During the winter months, daily calls come in from people who have found strays on the street. Since their shelter is overrun, the Humane Society can’t accept any new animals until they find new homes for the ones they have.

The cats are a lot older than what traditionally people are looking to adopt, but still, need as much love as kittens.

“Well, I really hope people consider adopting a senior cat. They are not going to live forever obviously. These cats are very mellow, very calm.” Piersma said, in hopes that people would give these cats a chance. 

There will be an adoption event this weekend at the PetSmart in the City of Oswego. For more information on who is available for adoption, you can head to the Oswego County Humane Society‘s website.