New restaurant offers new taste to Oswego

Jimmie James' storefront in Oswego. Photo by Mitchell Petrella
Jimmie James’ storefront in Oswego. Photo by Mitchell Petrella

OSWEGO, N.Y.- The city of Oswego got some added variety to the local food scene with the opening of a new restaurant. Jimmie James is a barbeque take out and delivery restaurant that already has one location on State Route 104 in Scriba. The additional location was meant as a way to expand their customer base.

Part of the expansion process was that manager Justin Guyle believes Jimmie James can offer something new to the city. “Instead of being stuck in the little mold of  ‘you have to do seafood’ or ‘you have to do burgers’ or whatever, we can bring something different, hopefully to the college kids,” Guyle said.

Despite being a small take out and delivery establishment, Jimmie James has partnered with The Shed tavern to help both businesses grow. Owner Scott Grants explained that the kitchen was not generating enough revenue so he had to shut it down.

Jimmie James is operating out of The Shed’s old kitchen and both parties were nervous to get involved in a partnership. “They were a little bit hesitant but once we sat down and kinda talked and decided that it could be really big for them and also really big for The Shed,” Grants said, “Then we decided to take the chance.”

The partnership works in a way where both businesses feed off of each other. Anyone at The Shed can walk over to Jimmie James and place an order and once it is done, the food is delivered to the patron sitting at the bar. Also, anyone who is getting Jimmie James can stop inside The Shed or on the patio to eat their meal.

Guyle and Grants are in the process of negotiating hours for the summer. Currently, Jimmie James opens at 11 a.m. while The Shed does not open until 8 p.m. The negotiating would make it so that both are open longer to attract a larger crowd.

Although it has been only open for two weeks, Guyle hopes that there is a full restaurant operating somewhere in the city of Oswego. For the foreseeable future, Jimmie James in Oswego will operate as a take out and delivery service while partnering with The Shed.

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