Mexico conducts public opinion survey for fiber optic network

By Jackson Berner

Mexico, NY- In an effort to provide higher quality phone, television and broadband internet services to their residents, the Mexico Town Board released a public opinion survey to gauge interest in installing a fiber optic network throughout the Town of Mexico.

This network would help the town create jobs and open up new educational opportunities for the students in the Mexico Central School District. Nancy Nicholson is an employee of the Mexico Public Library and has lived in Mexico for the last forty years. She explained that the switch to the fiber optic network would save residents of the town money every month on top of an improvement to the internet performance as well.

We’re currently getting a feed from Time Warner, but they’ve upped our rates,” Nicholson said. “We used to get it for free, but now they’re charging us for it. It’ll cost us about 80 dollars less a month if we can get this fiber cable.”

For anyone interested, there will be a public information meeting addressing the prospective new network on March 2nd at Mexico Middle School in the auditorium. To take part in the survey, pick up a physical copy at Mexico Town Hall or fill out the online version here: