Delta Phi Epsilon hosts annual ‘Deepher Dude’ in person at SUNY Oswego

OSWEGO, N.Y.– The sorority Delta Phi Epsilon hosted its annual Deepher Dude on October 8th, in the Sheldon Ballroom at SUNY Oswego. The male pageant helped raise money for the Jennifer Lapoint Knighton Scholarship, awarded each year to a student in Greek Life.

Jennifer’s Father, Joseph Lapoint spoke at the event on drinking moderation and hazing prevention.

“I feel like you can get really more personal with the kids when you’re face to face,” Lapoint said about being back in person for the first time since 2019.

Jennifer’s Scholarship not only benefits the recipient financially but also helps spread the message of moderation. The current President of Delta Phi Epsilon, Kira Garguilo, also spoke on the impact of the event.

“We love spreading the message of moderation generation and it’s great that we had such a big turnout, and congrats to our 2022 Deepher Dude Sean,” said Kira Garguilo, President of Delta Phi Epsilon.

Sean Deluca of Sigma Gamma performed his own rendition of Another Love by Tom Odell and was crowned this year’s Deepher Dude.