Warm Oswego weather creates turbulence for Rail Jam event

OSWEGO, N.Y. – It has been a rollercoaster week for the Ski and Snowboard Club at SUNY Oswego as the weather has been much warmer than a normal February. Luckily for the Rail Jam event, Friday finally began to feel like Oswego again. 

The temperatures in the Oswego area got as high as 69 degrees on Wednesday, dropping back down to 24 degrees on Friday.

The temperatures above freezing have made annual events that rely on cold weather like Rail Jam more difficult. 

For club president Joe Dolan, there were many strings he needed to pull to make this event possible. 

“Really goes back a couple of weeks and I’ve been out and about and no snow at all and I’m like alright, ‘are we gonna have this or not?’” said Dolan. “I’ve been watching the snow at the athletics parking lot and it was steady but we got some rain and what not. But thankfully we had just enough to have the event.”

The Rail Jam event was able to go on as scheduled, as the campus grounds crew brought in enough snow for the event right in front of the Marano Campus Center.