Two And A Half Holds Their Eighth Annual Walk of Shame

At the Marano Campus Center, a group of students gathered for an annual march across SUNY Oswego’s campus known as the Walk of Shame. In spite of its name, no one was actually being shamed. In fact, there was singing and dancing, provided by the Octavia Cappella Group. And while it may seem fun, the purpose of the march was to spread awareness on a grim subject matter.

“As far as the Walk of Shame, it is an annual walk from MCC Food Court to Oneida Hall,” said Two And A Half President Dennis Molina on WTOP’s Rise and Shine, “Oneida Hall being the first place where the first case of sexual assault was reported here on campus.”

Two And A Half, the student run organization responsible for the Walk of Shame, have been marching for the past eight years. According to its description on Laker Life, Two And A Half was established in the hopes of decreasing the statistics of sexual assaults occurring every two and a half minutes in the United States.