Lake Effect Café hosts final Open Mic Night for the school year; students reflect on year

Many students come to the Open Mic Night to show off their talents. Photo by Amani De La Cruz.

OSWEGO N.Y. — The last Open Mic Night for the academic year was held on April 18, leaving many student regulars with mixed emotions afterward.

SUNY Oswego’s Open Mic Night is held every Thursday from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. at the Lake Effect Café in Penfield Library. The weekly event is seen by many as an opportunity for students to showcase their creative talents to their peers.

One student regular at the Open Mic Night is Gio Santiago, senior psychology major at SUNY Oswego. Santiago loves to sing and they expressed how the open mic helped them sing in front of a crowd.

“There’s definitely a difference between performing in front of a group of people and a camera,” said Santiago. “You have to get your nerves out when there’s a lot of people in the room.”

This Open Mic Night is also a bittersweet one for Santiago, as it is the final one of their college career. 

“I’m not sure if I’ll have something like this after I graduate. I’m definitely going to miss it when I graduate,” said Santiago.

Another student, Anthony Pham, says that Open Mic Nights are a great opportunity to escape from the stresses of college.

“I love open mic because I get to spend time with my friends especially when classes get busy,” said Pham.