OSWEGO, N.Y. — While both Dr. Fauci and President Biden say the general public is not expected to receive the Covid-19 vaccine until June or July, SUNY Oswego is planning ahead.

Although the students here may not fall under the requirements for phase one of vaccinations, the school is still working to keep everyone safe. One of the biggest initiatives includes weekly Covid tests that students are required to attend. 

“I love the way SUNY Oswego is handling it. It’s really well done, considering University at Buffalo. I couldn’t be happier with the way they’re doing it here,” said SUNY Oswego student Brock Whaley.

Many of the students look forward to being able to get vaccinated, which they believe would be a great help for everyone moving forward.

As part of their Oswego Forward Plan, SUNY Oswego President Deborah Stanley says the school is in discussions with officials to offer the campus as a host vaccination site for both students and the wider Oswego community.