SUNY Oswego partners with the Oswego City School District

Oswego, NY – SUNY Oswego has partnered up with the Oswego City School District for teacher education. The college established the new Leighton Learning Community classroom, where students will be exposed to an enhanced early classroom atmosphere.

SUNY Oswego students are paired with with an elementary school teacher ranging from first grade to sixth grade, and are introduced to class practicum and curriculum. The partnership gives college students real life classroom situations and allows them to interact with Leighton Elementary School children twice a week.

“The students in this cohort will spend an increased amount of time in the classroom well before they go student teaching. So they are gaining a far broader range of experience,” said Linda Stummer, a curriculum and instruction assistant professor at SUNY Oswego.

Stummer said the partnership is a win-win for both SUNY Oswego and the school district since it gives teachers an extra pair of hands, and lowers the adult to student ratio.