SUNY Oswego climate activists join global protest

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Thousands of people concerned about climate change gathered for marches and rallies in cities around the world Friday. In Oswego, approximately 100 students, faculty and staff participated in a local march on the SUNY campus.

Approximately 100 people gathered on SUN Oswego’s quad Friday to participate in the Global Climate Strike.

 “I support our world and the environment, so I’m here,” SUNY Oswego senior Lindsey Gancasz said.

Lindsey Gancasz

Gancasz participated in the march in lieu of history class. She was one of the dozens of students excused from class to participate in Oswego’s version of the global climate strike.

“We need planet earth to live, and I just think all these big businesses, oil companies specifically, and all the farming we do is so detrimental to the environment,” said Gancasz. “No one is doing anything about it. Something has to change.”

The strike began in the shadows of the campus’ oldest building, Sheldon Hall.  From there, students marched, chanting at times, as they made their way past the science buildings and to the university’s quad.  From there, the crowd watched and cheered as poets, advocates and musicians called for leaders to take action to reverse the effects of climate change.

The rally on the Oswego campus was organized by a group of student volunteers, campus sustainability manager Kate Spector said.

Kate Spector

 “I think all people regardless of age but especially young people feel frustrated by this climate crisis and are looking for ways to get involved and feel like they can make a change,” Spector said.   

For student Lindsey Gancasz, the march was just the beginning of her involvement. Inspired by the advocates who spoke at the rally, she plans to look for ways to do more.

 “I love the earth. I love nature. I mean it keeps me alive,” said Gancasz. “It’s an issue for everyone.”