SUNY Oswego Box Office shuts down throughout the pandemic

OSWEGO, N.Y. — The Box Office, located in Marano Campus Center, is a service offered by SUNY Oswego for any organization such as performing arts, athletics, lectures, and concerts in which the Box Office provides a ticketing system electronically and in-person.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the staff was gearing up to sell tickets for the upcoming hockey season. SUNY Schools were closed and all live sports were shut down until January. They had to make several adjustments and accommodations for those who had purchased tickets and worked for the Box Office, Manager Kelly Cullinan said. 

“We were told we could not bring back any student staff for the semester,” Cullinan said. “For one, we don’t have any tickets to sell and we are really trying to reduce the density of student activity on campus. We have stepped up to help the Student Association in distributing bus stickers to students that, normally, their student staff would do.” 

As staff is limited to two people in the office at all times, they have kept busy with producing a new software, the first to ever be used in the country by SUNY Oswego, to help track cross-contamination. This will keep track of the number of people inside each building such as Penfield Library or even student organization offices.

When visiting students and staff members can reserve the spaces they have on campus as well as utilize the ticketing software to make appointments for COVID-19 testing. 

Cullinan hopes the box office can reopen but is relying on everyone to do their part and follow COVID guidelines.