Oswego students hold rally for Palestinians

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Members and supporters of the Students for Justice in Palestine organization coordinated a peaceful protest on Wednesday. The protest started at 4:00 with a student walkout from classes and the Penfield Library’s Lake Effect Cafe. Following the walkout students gathered in the Hewitt Quad where students were seen chanting, holding signs, and reading poems in support of Palestine. 

Following the initial rally, students marched around the Oswego campus and back to the quad.

On arrival back at the quad, final speeches were heard, and the organization’s president, Kaeilyn Marie, encouraged students to stand before the crowd and speak their minds and feelings about the issue. 

Students who spoke addressed issues beyond the Isreal-Hamas conflict. Organizers said that SJP Oswego stands for equal treatment for all people. 

“I loved the turnout, if we do this again I hope to have double the amount. Every single person here whether it was one, five, or a hundred, I loved it. One voice changes eight people’s heads,”  Oswego student Carmides Tiamenez said 

This is the organization’s first rally. 

“I’m just expecting it to grow in terms of solidarity, and just ensuring that the administration is listening to students and just exploring those parameters, are they listening to us? Are they understanding what’s happening?” SJP Organization President Kaeilyn Marie said. This event will not be the organization’s last, Marie said.

Students in the organization said they are pushing to end the “colonization” taking place in Gaza and have started taking efforts to have their voices heard – posting petitions and hosting events like this to have their voices heard.