SUNY Oswego launches inaugural Women’s Empowerment Summit

The Women’s Empowerment Summit provided students with networking, job hunting and negotiating workshops. Photo by: Faith Summerville

OSWEGO, N.Y. — As Women’s History Month draws to a close, the latest census report sheds light on ongoing gender disparities in the workplace. 

Despite advancements, women still earn approximately 71 cents on the dollar compared to men with equivalent education levels.

In response to this issue, SUNY Oswego organized its first-ever Women’s Empowerment Summit. 

Megan Mazzoccone, the organizer of the summit and a career coach at SUNY Oswego, emphasized the significance of empowering women through open dialogue. 

“We’re a group that needs to support each other. We’re still not making as much as our male counterparts,” Mazzoccone said.

What initially began as a panel discussion focusing on women in entertainment quickly evolved into a campuswide event dedicated to addressing gender imbalances in various professional spheres.

The summit invited several alumni to campus for the event, including Robin Curtis, “Star Trek” actress; and Adriana Low, Spectrum News journalist.

Topics such as self-advocacy and salary negotiations were discussed, highlighting essential conversations for advancing gender equality in the workforce.

“I think there is a lot of education and support around women, and we wanted to make a big event to do just that,” Mazzoccone said.

Both students and panelists expressed optimism regarding the impact of such discussions on women’s advocacy for equality within the workplace.

By creating an opportunity to equip women with essential skills, the summit aims to empower them to navigate and challenge existing disparities.

Mazzoccone envisions the Women’s Empowerment Summit becoming an annual tradition, further solidifying SUNY Oswego’s commitment to encouraging gender inclusivity and empowerment.