Al Roker returns to SUNY Oswego to set world record

OSWEGO, NY— NBC weather personality Al Roker traveled to college campuses across the country for “Rokerthon 3.”

Looking to break world records throughout the week, Roker made stops at Tennessee, Oklahoma, Northern Michigan, and Loyola universities.  However, for his final act Roker brought the record breaking to his alma mater, a place he always enjoys visiting.

“It’s hard to beat Oswego when the weather is nice, but even when it’s not so great, it’s still a great place to be,” Roker said.

The event got plenty of fanfare. Hockey players, figure skaters, students and faculty came out to skate and support the record breaking conga line on ice.

People started arriving at the campus center at 4:30 a.m and the Marano Campus Center Ice Arena was filled well before the 7 a.m show start time. Not long after, the cameras started rolling as Roker did several live segments from the ice before the conga started.

The goal of Friday’s event was to set the world record for the longest conga line performed on ice.  This was an idea that Justin Dobrow thought was perfect for SUNY Oswego.

“We figured what defines SUNY Oswego?  Well, it’s upstate New York, so it’s colder and hockey is a big staple up here,” Dobrow said. “So we came to the ice and we thought what records can we break on ice, and we came to the conga.”

As the conga line started to form on the arena floor, Roker was getting a little nervous.

“The most nervous I was that I didn’t want anything to go wrong for my alma mater,” said Roker. “And boy you guys crushed it — almost doubled the record.”

To qualify for the record, the participants had to skate the given conga choreography with their hands on the waist of the person in front of them. If they broke away, that person would be taken away from the final total. The conga lasted longer than the required 5 minutes and almost doubled the previous record of 353 at 593.