Solar eclipse class preparing for big day

OSWEGO N.Y. – With Solar Eclipse Day happening on April 8th, SUNY Oswego decided to make a course that solely focuses on preparing a broadcast for the once-in-a-lifetime event called, “Covering the Eclipse.” This course is co-taught by Professor Catherine Loper and Professor Michael Riecke. The students are broadcasting, public relations, and journalism majors.

The vision behind this course is to help improve  the skills these young media experts already possess, while also teaching them new skills in how to work together to create a broadcast from scratch. This is demonstrated by the professors splitting up the students into multiple groups, so they all have specific responsibilities for the event. The multiple groups include two hosts for the event, a PR team, a digital team, and broadcast team. 

Additionally, students are learning in this course how to work among different majors that deal with other forms of media. Ideally, we see students all from broadcasting working together while students all from journalism are working together. What makes this course special is that it blends the two majors together to create a class roster full of talented and intelligent people, all studying media and how to be professionals in the field. 

“There’s a whole lot of complex stuff that goes into creating a good broadcast…and ultimately with this class and the other classes we have know from people in broadcasting to know kinda mixing them all together in this giant melting pot of media learning and to be able to handle something like an know it’s once in a lifetime,” Broadcasting senior Ben Diamond said. 

Solar Eclipse Watch Party will take place April 8th  on the MCC North Lawn from 2pm to 4:30pm. Total Eclipse should begin to occur around 3pm.