Local businesses hope solar eclipse brings in customers

The city of Oswego expects to welcome 20,000 to 30,000 people for the total solar eclipse on April 8. The city predicts many to arrive over the weekend, which may give the local businesses a boost.

Jason Shi, owner of Wonzones Calzones, hopes he will see an influx of customers.

“[Where] do you think they are going to stand…?” Shi said. “Some of them will be standing here in Wonzones Calzones! Oh, especially the night before, I think the Sunday, we will be having a blast.”

For the day before the eclipse, Amy Murphy, the city’s director of economic development, organized a block party featuring food from local businesses and a concert from the Jess Novak Band.

“We’re gonna have lots of people coming in from out of town,” Murphy said. “And even our in-towners, our local residents, will come and hopefully support business in the local area our hotels are already filling up. This should have a very positive economic effect in the city.” 

Wonzones Calzones is preparing for a wave of eclipse tourists. Photo by: Matthew Rivenburgh

As part of their plan to attract tourists, the city also plans to hold an eclipse watch party at Breitbeck Park. Other than the eclipse, one of the party’s main attractions is a concert from local Pink Floyd tribute band In the Flesh.

“This band is appropriate given some of their songs,” said Robert Corradino, mayor of Oswego. “I think they are a band [that] people will want to stick around for.”