Oswego State coach inducted into wrestling hall of fame

Mike Howard has been a coach for almost 35 years, and currently is the wrestling head coach at SUNY Oswego. Photo by: Oswego Athletics.

OSWEGO, N.Y — Mike Howard, head of coach of both the Oswego State wrestling and golf teams, is scheduled to be inducted into the upstate New York chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame this September.

“Being recognized in that manner really is satisfying because, you know, you’re being recognized by a national organization for the work you’ve put in,” Howard said.

With almost 35 years of coaching under his belt, many people say that Howard’s impact on Oswego’s wrestling program is undeniable. His teams have made 27 NCAA championship appearances, produced 18 NCAA division III all-Americans, and secured numerous conference championships.

“Probably the biggest thing is the relationships that we’re able to build with the student athletes involved in each program. Having those relationships, you know, and being able to have an impact on the student athletes lives,” Howard said.

Through coaching, Howard said that he instills discipline, routine, and values that extend far beyond the playing field, leaving a lasting impact on the Oswego State community.

“It’s important to us that when the guys leave here, they’re going to leave here and be model citizens,” Howard said.

But Howard’s influence extends beyond the wrestling mat. His father, Jim Howard, is also a wrestling coach. Howard follows in his father’s footsteps, continuing to shape the lives of student-athletes.

The Howard family’s impact isn’t limited to wrestling. Mike’s children, Brittany and Mike Jr., carry on the tradition as coaches of the women’s lacrosse team, reinforcing the family’s commitment to athletics and education.

“So, that’s really cool that that they have the passion and, you know, I’m able to influence them and help them develop as individuals in their careers. It’s a family legacy that we feel strongly about, the education and the value of education that Oswego was able to provide,” Howard said. 

Howard said he hopes to continue leave an impact on Oswego athletes as they prepare for their life on and off the field.