SUNY Oswego Prepares For March Madness

OSWEGO, N.Y. – The NCAA tournament is here, and students around campus are ready for the show. 

“I’m ecstatic right now for March Madness. Best sports competition of all time, in my opinion, but I’m thrilled,” SUNY Oswego student Griffin Rynne said as he put the finishing touches on his tournament bracket.

There’s rarely a perfect bracket, but Rynne thinks he might have a shot.

“You know, I think one of the combinations that I’ve had so far is definitely the perfect one, but I kept changing it over and over. So, did I land on the perfect one, or did I have it and then second guess myself and change it,” Rynne said.

In order to pick the perfect bracket, you need to pick the perfect team to win it all. Most people, including Rynne, chose the UConn Huskies to win the tournament for the second-year in-a-row. With them being the favorites to win it all, it’s a safe choice. However, March is a time where anything can happen, and SUNY Oswego student Zachary Greenspan thinks some major upsets are in order.

“I just think that with college basketball and March Madness, there’s just so much potential for all these different college teams to really shine, and overtake teams that are ranked higher than them,” Greenspan said.

Greenspan believes it’s time for Texas to shine.

“Really hoping my team, Texas Tech, can really take the victory this year, and beat up the higher ranked teams,” Greenspan said.

It’s sure to be an exciting time. March Madness is set to begin Thursday, March 21st. First game kicks off at 12PM.