Aiden Wilson elected to be SUNY Oswego Student Association’s next president

OSWEGO, N.Y. –The SUNY Oswego Student Association announced Director of Finance Aiden Wilson will officially be the next president as a result of the SA election that was held from March 7-8.

Wilson won the election with 57.38% of the student vote. One of Wilson’s top priorities will be to encourage student engagement on campus.

“I’m a strong advocate for saying that when you come here to college you need the experience to really land a good job, and a huge way to do that is through clubs,” said Wilson.

Oghenetega Adjoh was also elected to the vice president position, receiving 66.32% of the student vote. Adjoh defeated current SA senator Kinaya Mabry for the position.

The election also held up the issue of whether the student activity fee should remain mandatory. A total of 63.41% of students participating voted to keep the fee mandatory for all students.

This decision marks that the fee will remain in effect for the next two academic years. The money acquired from this fee is used to fund campus extracurricular programs.

This SA election saw the biggest student voter turnout since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to incumbent SA president Austin Davis.

Before the results of the election were released, Davis made a statement thanking students for participating in the election.

“No matter which candidate wins, it will still be an amazing election,” said Davis.