FoodFetched Delivery launches in city of Oswego

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Mayor Billy Barlow announced the launch of a new food delivery app, FoodFetched Delivery, in the city of Oswego to promote local businesses. Jeff Lago, the co-founder of FoodFetched Delivery, says they want to help out local restaurants.

“We were able to secure a pilot program to have local restaurants, owned by local people to join a third-party delivery service and is actually there for the restaurants,” Lago said.

The pilot program waives both delivery and service feed for both customers and restaurants which will help the restaurants make a profit from their orders.

“We care about that, so we make sure that it’s on the lower side of it and that they’re actually making money, not actually taking their profits and giving them to someone else,” Lago said.

New signs are appearing at participating restaurants that read, “Foodfetched Delivery now available.” Cam’s Pizzeria, Maria’s Family Restaurant, Riverwalk Pizza, and Skip’s Fish Fry are among multiple participating restaurants listed on the Foodfetched Delivery app. Lago says they are working to bring more restaurants on-board with the partnership.

“Lagraf’s, La Parilla and there’s more coming,” Lago said.

More information on the new service can be found on the Foodfetched Delivery Facebook page.