Admitted Student Days influence college decision

Admitted Student Days started today and has the SUNY Oswego campus buzzing with prospective students and their families exploring the campus and learning more about SUNY Oswego.

On April 14, 132 students with their families attended the event, which brings the number of people on campus for Admitted Student Days to around 400 people, with Admissions expecting 278 potential students for April 15. 

“For our first Friday, we are a little bit lower than our average,” said G Gagnier, an admissions Intern. “We usually get around 200 for the first Friday and today we are [a] little under 150… but for tomorrow we are right on pace where we usually are.”

Admitted Student Days is a key influential event for students to make a decision about their college experience. 

“I am pretty sure I am committing,” said Genesis Aviles, an admitted student. “I needed this step in order to look at the school and feel more comfortable and I feel like I got that from this admitted student’s day.”

Admitted Student Days allow prospective students at SUNY Oswego to tour the campus, interact with faculty, staff, and students, learn about academic opportunities, and attend lectures on financial aid, housing, and other topics.

The next day for Admitted Student Days will be on April 22.