SUNY Oswego introduces new opportunities for media students with BEA Chapter

Students Jamie Hunter and Samantha Keaney win BEA Award for multimedia sound design, presented at conference on Apr. 12. Photo by: Michael Riecke

SUNY Oswego is welcoming a new chapter of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) this fall.

The BEA, an organization dedicated to advancing broadcasting education both nationally and internationally, offers opportunities for students, ranging from academic research to student competitions and networking initiatives.

According to David Crider, SUNY Oswego broadcasting professor, starting this new chapter presents a new opportunity for students pursuing careers in broadcasting and cinema studies.

“Bringing a big chapter to Oswego is important for putting us on the same level as other broadcasting programs,” Crider said.

The newly established BEA chapter aims to serve as a hub for students across various media disciplines. It will offer avenues for participation in competitions, access to new scholarships, and networking opportunities with peers, alumni and industry professionals.

Crider’s vision for the BEA chapter extends beyond academics, as he wants to create a platform that goes beyond individual media organizations. 

“I want to do something that brings them all under one umbrella, whether you’re part of a media organization or not,” Crider said. “So ultimately, that’s what I’m trying to do, is I’m trying to open up opportunities and bring students together, for mutual benefit.”

Membership to the BEA chapter is open to full-time students with an interest in media careers, irrespective of their major. 

The club aims to supplement classroom learning with additional opportunities tailored to students’ professional aspirations in the media industry.

Already, students have expressed eagerness about the new BEA chapter, citing how networking opportunities and insights into the field are compelling reasons to join. 

“I would definitely join,” broadcasting student Hannah Katz said. ‘I think if I could get some networking opportunities out of it or just learn more about the field, that would be great and extremely helpful for my major.”

As SUNY Oswego continues to expand its footprint in broadcasting education, the establishment of the BEA chapter signifies a new milestone in SUNY Oswego media studies.