SUNY Oswego community reacts to President Trump’s travel ban

By DJ Manou

Oswego, NY- International students currently studying at SUNY Oswego have been reassuranced of their safety from President Deborah Stanley, following President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban.

The ban prevents entrance into the United States from seven Muslim countries, but none of the 214 current international students are from any of those areas.

“There is considerable uncertainty about its implications,” President Stanley wrote in an email to students. “We advise great caution on the part of our international students, faculty and staff to consider carefully any travel outside the country or consider deferring travel until there is more clarity about how the Executive Order will affect us.”

One person who is not willing to take that risk is Emir Tortopoglu, an international student at SUNY Oswego originally from Turkey.

“I am very worried about what will happen to me in the future,” Tortopoglu said. “ I can’t go back home if I want to complete my education, but I still want to see my family, I also have a life there”.

Tortopoglu is concerned that if the ban expands to Turkey while he is over there, he wouldn’t be allowed back in the country to finish his last two years. He cancelled his plans to fly back home at the end of the semester out of fear. He will try to take summer classes and work on campus instead.

Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country, is not currently under the ban. For Tortopoglu, who is Atheist, if Turkey were to be added, it would add another reason for him to disapproves of the ban.

“It’s just a sweeping ban that is supposedly to protect the United States from Islamic radicals,” he said. “However it also includes people of different religions or of no religions from those countries as well. And what did I do?”

Any students with concerns or questions are urged to contact the Office of International Education and Programs in 100 Sheldon Hall or call 315-312-2118.