SUNY Oswego returns to class after a two-week pause

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Due to a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases on the SUNY Oswego campus, President Deborah Stanley and the SUNY Chancellor announced on Sept. 18 that the university would go remote for two weeks. 

That meant students could not go to in-person classes and everything was conducted on zoom. 

“I definitely could see from students posting online that at first there was some gropiness about it,”  SUNY Oswego broadcasting professor Dr. David Crider said.  

For some students, it was a challenge adapting, but for professors, they already planned for this. 

 “I had my classes set up, and I probably did that in advance just thinking hey something’s gonna happen,”  Crider said. 

 Some students believed they did not get the same educational experience out of online learning and did not favor the two week pause. 

“I personally believe I did not gain anything in these past two weeks> It is very hard for me to learn online. I really need that in class lecture. It helps with my personal learning,”  student Bradley Stoyell said. 

Some professors also believe their students were not getting the same educational experience during the two week pause. 

“I think they learn better in person. I think the conversations are better, the discussions are richer when we can see each other,” Crider said. 

Aside from academics, the two week pause also made it harder for students to see their friends on campus. 

“I tried to see my friends everyday if I could, we would just go outside and socially distance so that we could still see each other,”  Stoyell said. 

 The two week pause caused so much stress for some students and many have opted to go home for the remainder of the semester, despite the administration’s warning to stay on campus.