BSU to hold programs throughout the month of February for Black History Month

OSWEGO, N.Y. – The Black Student Union (BSU) is hosting programs this month to celebrate and educate the community this February. 

The Director of Correspondence for BSU Taelor Pittman said holding this programs on campus is important.on behalf of the organization and explains the purpose of the programs.

“So we want to educate, we want to help build, we want to help students improve their understanding so all of our programs are really just centered towards understanding who we are and what we bring to SUNY Oswego,” said Pittman.

As members of the SUNY Oswego community, a common theme is a question, “How can I be involved?” 

“The easiest way to be involved is to just fellowship with us, support us, repost our posters, come to our programs, come to our events,” said Pittman. 

The BSU is hosting its 55th annual dinner on Saturday, Feb 25 and its annual variety shows the night before. Both events will take place in the Sheldon Ballroom. You can find tickets for both events on the Box Office website.