Mayor: Smoother streets in the City of Oswego this spring

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Some of Oswego’s neighborhoods will receive a makeover this spring. Mayor Billy Barlow has announced that the city is set to repave some of the city’s bumpiest roads — an action Barlow says residents have been hoping for.

“I post something totally unrelated to paving roads or streets. It can be a small business initiative or some sort of social initiative, and I’ll get comments that say instead of doing that, you should pave the roads,” Barlow said. 

West Seventh Street, Liberty Street, and most of the city’s east side are some of the roads listed to be repaved. Oswego’s First Ward Councillor Susan Mcbearty says this small change has a big impact on the community. 

“Repairing roads is always a benefit to neighborhoods and the economy, housing sales are better, you know everything just feels better,” McBearty said. 

Barlow says that repairing roads has the potential to completely upgrade a neighborhood. 

“It makes a difference not just for, you to know, what it feels like when you’re driving on the street or what it does to your car but paving the street and redoing sidewalks and the curb, it really elevates the entire area,” Barlow said. 

Residents can expect to smoother roads as soon as this April. To see if your road is being repaved, you can check on iheartoswego’s website.