International students share excitement for eclipse day

OSWEGO, N.Y. — International students living on the SUNY Oswego campus are looking forward to eclipse day.

Danni Xu and Yi Shenglan are just two of the many international students who will watch the total solar eclipse in America, far from their respective homes in China.

Xu is a philosophy major who came to Oswego last semester after transferring from Central China Normal University (CCNU). Xu is from Wuhan, China, where her family currently lives. Xu said her family’s main concern was not whether she would see the eclipse.

“Of course, they just care about my safety here,” Xu said. She added that her family did not know about the eclipse passing over North America. “They have no idea,” Xu said.  

Yi Shenglan is a finance major who also transferred to SUNY Oswego from China. She is from Guangzhou, China where her family currently lives and is looking forward to eclipse day as well.

Shenglan said she had heard of the Oswego Now broadcast after seeing it posted all over campus. She plans to share the streaming link to her family back home.

Xu found out about the total solar eclipse “maybe just 2 or 3 weeks ago,” through Oswego Today, the campus daily morning newsletter. Xu said she had already gotten her eclipse glasses and was excited to see the event, and feels lucky that she will get to see it.

“I have friends, and they informed me to join this activity, because it sounds like you have to wait a very long time, it only happens once every hundred years,” Xu said. 

Xu’s plans for eclipse day include going on a short hike to Hidden Fields with a group of friends.

“I’m super excited about it,” Shenglan said. “The moon covers the sun and blots out its light, and there will be a moment of darkness, and the whole world becomes dark in the middle of the day, ah! I’m excited about it.”

Shenglan said her family knew of the event and were excited on her behalf.

“Yeah, I have told them,” Shenglan said. “And my dad, he was very curious, that ‘Oh, you can see the amazing phenomenon!’” 

On the day of the eclipse, Shenglan plans to watch from just outside Marano Campus Center.

“I know many people are gathering together to see the phenomenon,” Shenglan said. She also already has gotten her pair of eclipse glasses, and said she learned about the eclipse through new student orientation.

Classes will be canceled at SUNY Oswego so everyone can watch the event. Shenglan said eclipses wouldn’t be a cause for canceling classes in China, but she has seen a lunar eclipse before because they only happen at night.

“In China even if there’s a phenomenon like this, we won’t cancel class,” Shenglan said.