Two Oswego High School students named to ‘Army All-American Marching Band’

Cassandra Hondro and Emily King have reached All-American status. Hondro and King have recently been named to the United States Army All American Marching Band. It’s a prestigious honor not many students have bestowed upon them. Only 125 students throughout the entire country get selected to be a part of the band.

From left to Right: Scott Ciesla, Cassandra Hondro, Emily King

Hondro and King have spent hours practicing and marching in their “boxes” in order to prepare themselves for this opportunity. For the application process, they needed to perform a certain routine, as well as a solo.

Under the guide of Band Director Scott Ciesla, the girls were able to reach their goal of All-American status.

“Its pretty intense right now I don’t know what to think honestly because its all just whirlwind right now” said King.

Hondro is just as excited to be an All-American but there is something else weighing on her mind. “ It’s really exciting, but I am a little nervous about the flight.”
Both are very deserving of this honor and they have brought pride to their school, fellow students, families and their community.

The Army All-American Bowl will be played January 4th of next year and the marching band can be seen at halftime of the game. Good luck to Cassandra and Emily.